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It’s Time for a rEvolution: Build Your Resiliency and Conquer Your Stress, 60-Seconds at a Time  There are positive aspects to the stress response and in this engaging and interactive presentation, Jenny shows you how to maximize them to your advantage:

  • Learn simple Micro Burst techniques that will help your body and brain recover from stress and raise your threshold for it
  • Find out why willpower doesn’t work when it comes to making long-lasting behavior change and what to do instead
  • Leave with an action plan to quickly transform the brain and body to a state of optimum performance and access critical business skills during stressful times

Stress-Proof Your Brain: Boost Your Brain Power & Positive Moods  This talk dives deep into the cutting edge research that will help you understand what happens to your brain during and after stress and inspire you to train your brain to work for you:

  • What are the newest ways to counteract the negative effects of stress and re-wire your brain to boost your brainpower and positive mood states?
  • What additional practices will help you stay focused, make better decisions, and reduce anxiety?
  • How does your improved brain impact your energy, resiliency, sleep and fitness?


Confident You: Bold, Energized & Resilient  Confidence comes from taking action. This interactive and engaging talk teaches you how to close your confidence gap, take initiative, make bold decisions, drive for results, be more innovative and purposeful, and unleash your untapped potential:

  • Get clear on what guides you, your decisions, and your leadership
  • Determine what nourishes your confidence and eliminate what doesn’t
  • Identify what builds grit and tenacity and helps you connect with others — and what wears down your willpower

Well On Heels: The Strong, Balanced Woman  This dynamic topic combines interactive exercises and enlightening information that provide simple, effective strategies to incorporate into your lifestyle right away. This program addresses the unique psychological and physical needs of the female leader and provides tools to create a customized plan for building health, power, resiliency and confidence.  Your action plan will include ways to:

  • Build your resiliency to stress
  • Elevate your levels of energy, productivity and positivity
  • Increase your confidence and strength
  • Increase the quality of your sleep
  • Improve your overall health
  • Create a solid foundation for a rewarding career and personal life


Unstuck: How to Think Differently, Act with Purpose and Work & Live Boldly (This keynote has a surprising and unexpected aerial performance that will wow your audience!)  People desire to develop their talents and skills, use them in purposeful ways and not have to make sacrifices in their personal lives for professional success.  This talk will demand your attention and yank you out of your rut with thought provoking and inspiring content. You will develop a mindset of growth that:

  • Both welcomes and initiates change
  • Is creative, responsive and ready to take action
  • Has direction and clarity in a complex world
  • Possesses the courage to take calculated risk
  • Embraces improvement and development
  • Is engaged in work and life with a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness
“I want to thank you again for giving us such an amazing presentation. People are still raving about what a life changer it has been for them, how it came at just the right moment, and how they have taken the lessons learned home with them to share with loved ones and colleagues. I have run conferences for 20+ years and your session was the best I’ve ever seen. The survey results are rating this year’s conference as the best yet, with a 96% score in the Excellent to Very Good range – the best we’ve ever had; and it’s mainly because of you and your message.” CATHERINE VIGLAS




Launch a powerful resiliency initiative in your organization by having Jenny speak live at a kickoff event (or series) and follow it with an ongoing series of highly engaging digital resiliency courses, where Jenny can reach your entire organization, on demand.

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