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“Jenny Evans is a Subaru wrapped in a Maserati.  She’s the most durable, safest, strongest, reliable car you can always depend on…she just comes looking like a bad-ass, sleek, haul-ass, high-end thrill ride.”  – AmyK Hutchens, Award-Winning International Speaker & Author of the Amazon Bestseller, The Secrets Leaders Keep


“Stress reduction” isn’t possible – your job and personal life are never going to ask less of you. Your only option is to build your resiliency to stress: train your body and brain to recover from it more quickly and efficiently, and to raise your threshold for it. Find out how to create a more energized, productive, focused, balanced and successful work environment.

CONFIDENCE AND determination

In the workplace confidence matters as much as ability—the higher the confidence, the higher the performance. Confident women take initiative, make bold decisions, drive for results, create trust and are more innovative and purposeful. Click here to close the confidence gap in your organization.

unstuck: managing mindset and change

In order to keep up with the speed of business, companies need engaged employees who can pivot quickly, innovate, take calculated risk and embrace change. Employees want a culture of growth, meaning and balance. Find out how both can achieve their goals.

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