8 Ways to Energize Your Next Meeting

December 4, 2014

A featured article Jenny Evans wrote for Fast Company on how to transform a boring, soul sucking meeting into one full of energy, focus and productivity.


How to Channel Your Inner Caveman to Fight Stress

December 6, 2014

“Despite our best efforts to avoid stress, it seems an inevitable part of our workday and our lives. Jenny Evans says while we may not be able to avoid stress completely, we can train ourselves to become immune to stress’ negative effects.”


2 Easy Changes That Will Stress-Proof Your Brain

November 14, 2014 interviewed Jenny Evans and showcased two simple but effective changes for making yourself stress-proof.

One Remarkably Simple Secret to Changing Bad Habits Forever

January 6, 2015

Bad habits are tough to break because of our inner caveman.


Stress Is Inevitable: Jenny Evans Teaches Us How to Better Handle It

December 4, 2014

“It’s not to suggest that Evans is a defeatist – she just thinks there’s a better, more productive way to tackle stress.”

Star Tribune

Get Your Obama Biceps Here

March 16, 2009

“With a little work we can all have trim and sculpted arms worthy of a White House portrait. No gym? No biggie, says Jenny Evans, the corporate performance coach who created Powerhouse Hit the Deck™ exercise flashcards for executives on the go.”


NPR, “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me”

March 21, 2009

NPR’s weekly news game show featured a mention of Jenny’s workout plan to get “Michelle Obama arms.”

The Globe and Mail

Stressed to the max? Think 10-10-10

December 18, 2014

With stress ever-increasing, try a 10-10-10 response, advises resiliency expert Jenny Evans. Mix that with some healthier daily habits to deal with your willpower deficit and keep on an even keel.

Why you’re feeling so stressed at work (Hint: It’s not what you think)

December 19, 2014

In this feature Jenny talks about what’s really stressing you out and undermining your performance at work.


Jenny is a regular blog contributor to Huffington Post



nbcJenny Evans was NBC KARE 11’s Health and Fitness Expert from Jenny Evans was NBC KARE 11’s Health and Fitness Expert from performance and health!



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