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  • Jenny’s new book The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life, 60 Seconds at a Time is now available.
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  • Speaking

    With close to 20 years of world-wide, high-impact speaking engagements for Fortune 500 companies, PowerHouse transforms cultures from stressed to resilient. Anything but run of the mill, these events are active, high-energy, engaging and life-changing. Whether you have one hour, a half, or a full day, Jenny will leave you and your audience inspired, informed and on your way to leading a more resilient life.

    Jenny will help you:

    • increase your threshold for stress
    • learn how to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently
    • elevate your levels of productivity, performance and energy
    • improve your fitness, health, sleep and body fat
    • successfully implement resiliency training tools
    • become empowered to thrive in an increasingly demanding business environment
  • Why Resiliency Training?

    As an exercise physiologist, I see “stress management” in a completely different way. First, the stress in our lives is increasing, not decreasing. There’s no way to “reduce” or “manage” it. Second, stress is not just a mental or emotional problem – it’s a chemistry problem. Lastly, trying to make lifestyle changes can result in more stress, pushing us back toward many of the habits we’re trying to change.

    Resiliency training calls on the innate design of how we are physiologically designed to respond to stress, and how to use it to our advantage. By tapping into the ways we are designed to move, eat, live, work and think, we can easily begin to live into our full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

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  • Join the rEvolution!

    Resiliency rEvolution book cover

    The Resiliency rEvolution is your stress solution. Rather than letting stress diminish your life, you can become more resilient to it. Using your primitive hardwiring to your advantage, you can learn how to recover from stress more
    quickly and raise your threshold for it. Utilizing realistic and manageable tactics, you’ll soon be on your way toward a more resilient life.It’s time to join the rEvolution! Work with your body to realize your full potential and to perform at your absolute best—professionally and personally—in the face of stress.
  • Join the rEvolution

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  • Blog

    The blog is organized into the six chapters of the book, allowing you to take a deeper dive into each topic. It’s a great way to learn more resiliency training content and strategies.

  • Success Stories

    Read about and see real people who joined the rEvolution and overcame their challenges to living a more resilient life. In spite of busy schedules, travel, work, and family obligations, they managed to make real, lasting change – 60 seconds at a time.

  • Praise for The Resiliency rEvolution

    “The Resiliency rEvolution has done a spectacular job of shining light on a new approach to dealing with stress. It is filled with scientific insights, enlightening stories, real life examples and practical tools to improve our lives and work.”
         – Martin Scott, Executive Director, High Potential Talent Development, Comcast University

    “This is the most effective book I have seen that combines hard scientific evidence with simple, pragmatic strategies to live a more resilient life. It’s a new pathway to optimum performance. Executives and professionals looking for improved resiliency, performance and health can find it here. “
         – Ken Fenoglio, Vice President, AT&T University.