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You’re “Stomaching” Stress More Than You Think

Do you ever find that no matter how much you exercise regularly or eat healthy, there’s that bit of stomach fat you just cannot get rid of? You may think you got dealt a lousy genetic hand when it came to fat distribution, but what you might not know is that chronic fat around your midsection is likely due to stress. Continue reading

How Your Stress-Management Techniques are Making You More Stressed

There are only so many hours in the week, your to-do list at work and home continues to grow, you’re stretched thin, and stressed to the max. What you may not know is the ways you’ve been trying to cope … Continue reading

On the Phone = On Your Feet…Resiliency Challenge Week 2

Here is your challenge for this week:  any time you’re talking on the phone, it’s your cue to stand up.  Going from sitting to standing is a quick and easy way to improve your energy, focus and performance….not to mention … Continue reading

Live Nutrition Workshop February 9th

HOLD THE DATE! I’m beyond excited to be offering a live nutrition workshop in the Twin Cities the afternoon of Sunday, February 9th. More details to come, but please pencil it in your calendar as I’d love to have you … Continue reading

Start Your New Year Off Right – Resiliency Challenge Week 1

In honor of the New Year I thought I’d bring back a series of weekly challenges to help improve your resiliency, performance and health.  As I’m finishing the last chapter of my book I’m assembling a large body of research … Continue reading

How to Fail & Rescue Your Diet in 3 Easy Steps

HOW TO FAIL: 1.  Go on a diet. 2.  Vow to give up certain foods. 3.  Don’t eat. Not eating requires willpower and willpower requires eating.   Willpower is fueled by glucose from the foods we eat.  Low glucose means … Continue reading

The Simplest Formula for Happiness

I was listening to a podcast this morning and was reminded of how important it is for us to focus on the process of how we live, not the desired outcomes that may or may not happen. If we don’t … Continue reading

Squats for a Subway Ticket

To promote exercise and the 2014 Olympics, Olympic Changes installed a very unique ticket machine at the Moscow subway station.  It doesn’t accept money – it gives a ticket in exchange for 30 squats.  I love how much fun everyone is having using the … Continue reading

Happiness Isn’t Something You Need to Seek Out

Instead of running so hard in search of happiness, perhaps what we need to do is slow down so it can catch up to us. Slow down today, look around, and see where it finds you. Did you like this? … Continue reading

How to Get More Brain Cells Than Your Co-Workers

OUR BRAINS RESPOND TO EXERCISE SIMILAR TO THE WAY OUR MUSCLES DO:  THEY BET BIGGER AND STRONGER.     In today’s competitive business environment we need all the advantages we can get…like really gigantic brains.  Exercise spurs neuron regrowth (neurogenesis) … Continue reading