John Sandahl, Speaker, Change Agent & Personal Coach

Mr. Sandahl is a speaker, change agent and personal coach. He provides experiences to help people make real and lasting change to improve their lives both professionally as well as personally. John is an expert in facilitating large group events, one-on-one personal coaching and has yet to meet a group or individual with whom he can’t find some common ground to start the change process. He is an expert presenter and motivator, and has worked with well over 175,000 people.

For the last 12 years John has presented change programs around the country as a part of the national non-profit Youth Frontiers whose mission is to help make schools and their inhabitants kinder, safer and more respectful through large-group, day-long programs designed to create awareness of the need for change.

Recognizing the need to help beyond the classroom, John uses a co-active coaching model to help adults achieve the life they were meant to have. Using this model, he has assisted individual clients make substantial changes in their lives – from starting new businesses and getting that next promotion to taking better care of their health and stepping into a more fulfilling life. He knows how to help people discover (or re-discover) their purpose.

John trained as a personal coach with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the standard-bearer of coach training organizations worldwide. In 2010, he received the designation “Certified Professional Co-Active Coach” (CPCC) from CTI. Additionally, John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from St. John’s University.

Outside the work environment, John is one of the foremost experts on the team sport of Ultimate Frisbee both as a player and coach. He is a four-time national champion and three-time world champion as a player, and has coached the National U-20 girls team three times. Besides, John is a certified instructor for USA Ultimate and travels the world helping teach others how to coach the sport.