Corporations have a problem…

  • STRESS. Twenty percent of employees rate their level of daily workplace stress as high. Stress causes companies to lose an estimated $300 billion each year.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Stress leads to employee disengagement. Only one-third of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and workplace. Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $483 billion to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.
  • ABSENTEEISM. Stress is behind more than half of the 550 million working days lost each year because of absenteeism. At a price tag of $602 per worker per year, it costs U.S. businesses close to $3.5 million annually.
  • PRODUCTIVITY. Stressed out and disengaged employees have a higher level of turnover, miss more work and negatively influence their coworkers. Stress alters brain structure and function, diminishing a corporation’s intellectual capital.
  • HEALTHCARE. Employee healthcare costs are soaring and 80% of medical expenditures are now stress-related.

Companies want growth and profit, but levels of personal and professional stress are causing employees to disengage and not realize their full potential. How much is stress costing your organization?

We have the solution…

PowerHouse Performance transforms cultures from stressed to resilient.

Our clients have experienced:

  • 28.3% decreased level of stress
  • 25.1% increase in energy
  • 32.2% increase in quality of sleep
  • 3.14% decrease in body fat

We teach you to:

  • Increase your threshold for stress
  • Recover from stress more quickly and efficiently
  • Elevate your levels of productivity, performance and energy
  • Enhance cognitive function, decision making, leadership and effective communication
  • Empower you to thrive in an increasingly demanding business environment
  • Improve your fitness, health, sleep and body fat

Our approach is completely different

Your job is never going to ask less of you, nor are your loved ones. The stress in your life will continue to increase and your only option is to build your resiliency to it: train to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently, and to raise your threshold for it.

Stress starts as a physical event, secreting hormones that transform your chemistry, physiology and brain function. We provide tools and understanding to deal with stress on a physiological level. Altering body chemistry with specific ways of moving and eating that are practical and doable – as well as foolproof cognitive change strategies – employees quickly build resilience and improve performance.

Anything but run of the mill, our events are active, high-energy, engaging and life-changing. We simplify complex physiological processes in a way that people understand and empower them to make change in their lives.

what we offer

PowerHouse Performance delivers one hour, half- and full-day keynotes and programs in addition to one-on-one coaching designed to help your people improve their resiliency, performance, confidence and health.

PowerHouse Performance also writes journalistic pieces for websites, magazines and newspapers and serves as a stress, fitness and nutrition expert for television and radio.

“Incorporating Jenny into our flagship program raised our game in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. Over the course of six months, Jenny stood in front of more than 3,500 executives at AT&T for four hours at a time. Her obvious passion around the material and her genuine concern for the participants in the room created a tidal wave of action at this great company. This response was consistent from coast to coast in the United States and didn’t skip a beat when we took the program to London and Hong Kong. We could not be more proud to call Jenny Evans our friend and our trusted partner. She has changed our culture for the better and we are forever grateful.”



Satisfied Clients
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